The Artist

Teresa Stanton is a Southern Illinois-based studio artisan who has made the shift to upcycled materials and an eco-friendly creative process. She is currently refashioning post-consumer natural fiber clothing discards into wearable canvases for printed leaf motifs rendered with natural pigment from local wind fallen leaves. You can follow Teresa's blogged studio explorations and view a list of places she demonstrates her craft at

My name is Teresa, and you are in my Half Street Studio Shopify marketplace. I am a mixed media maker that thinks like a landscape painter. Observing natural textures and rhythms in my surround assists me most with reimaging the materials I am working with. My approach reflects a creative journey with lunar cycle energy, wild craft, resourcefulness, and purpose to honor the accounts recorded within each natural material. Collectively my body of work exhibits a rustic, earthy, intuitively imagined character. Individually, each design reveals a unique combination of materials, construction and natural pigment theme. 

I like soft harmonious flowing curvilinear silhouettes, visually flexible, organic and welcoming to shape shifting, holding space, filling space and appeals to my sense of water and air. I love the diverse weight and temperature of authentic natural materials they feel very alive and appeal to my sense of earth. Wools feel heavy and warm, silks feel light and cool, cottons are a diverse group perhaps my favorites I love them all. Color works on me emotionally it appeals to sense of fire and being gratefully appreciative for the warmth's influence. During my 8 years working with leaf pigments, I have become more sensitive to subtle shifts in tone. If I say a color is Black Walnut saddened with iron, it means the most authentic tone I recall was golden reddish brown that is now turned purplish burgundy, black in the embers of time. If I mention a color is Sugar Maple brightened with a kiss of copper, it means the most authentic tone I recall was a fresh sage green that is now blushing golden yellow in the presence of sincerity. 

I'm a cold natured body I enjoy being in the summer sun working with leaves, fire, water and cloth. In the winter months I enjoy a warm cozy into my jeweler's bench working with natural gemstones, minerals, jewelers' bronze, patinas and fire. I have discovered The Artist's Way morning pages; it is where I write my deepest disappointments and wildest dreams. I do believe it is bringing to light the things I can change, those I cannot and the transformation I want to see in myself and the world around me.  Oh, I am definitely a wild child! even so, I practice showing myself and others grace in practical ways.