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z Large Tunic Reimagined Sleeves and Neckline Asymmetric Silhouette

z Large Tunic Reimagined Sleeves and Neckline Asymmetric Silhouette

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Collection: blue

Garment: tunic

Fabric: cotton

Size: L

Silhouette:   asymmetric side

Bodice: L upcycled preshrunk cotton tee foundation length has been reduced with subtraction cutting  above natural waist  on sides and above posterior/ mid lower trunk on back. 

Addon: cotton

Hemline: irregular flowy asymmetric

Neckline: reimagined by intentionally snipping away original neck binding and hand stitching along the edge

Sleeve: reimagined by hand stitching additional length of cotton fabric 

Unique Characteristics: color block upcycled flavor


Printed Motif: varying shades of weathered black, occasional muted earthy leaf green, gray and purplish opaque under tones. Printed allover surface motif exhibits leaf contours pleasantly overlapped mid darkened pigment pooling with occasional distinct leaf prints. 

Style Mentions: rustic

I have included a photo diagramming this garment's measurement. Measurements are taken with garment lying flat and only the distance on one side, what I'm saying is you need to times that sum by 2 to equate the full circumference. [for example, bust measurement is diagrammed 15 inches so the total is 15 x 2 = 30-inch bust]
The measurements for this garment:

L upcycled preshrunk cotton Tee foundation
*Outer shoulder seam to outer shoulder seam 20 inches *bust 23 inches *waist 22 inches *hips 28 inches *skirting drape 28 inches to free size *arm opening 18 inches total circumference *neck opening 13 inches width *overall length collar to hem line 28 inches shortest 36 inches longest *addon begins 17 inches below shoulder on sides, same design on back.

If using machine wash, method ~Turn garment inside out. ~
Cold wash on a delicate cycle with shampoo, remove promptly, hang dry is preferred, iron if desired.

 Artist Comments: Collectively my body of work exhibits an organic, poetic, artisan made fashion style. Individually, each design reflects a unique combination of materials, construction and natural pigment outcome. My direct approach to eco-refashioning combines two skill sets, first upcycled clothing construction and second printing on natural fibers with leaves. To create a refashion garment I source, piece and stitch together re/deployable post consumer clothing. To print abstract motifs onto a refashion garment surface I gather, layer and bundle immersion process locally gathered wind fallen leaves. Natural leaf tannins have been gently coaxed with iron liquor modifier, heat, pressure and time to render printed motif. 


natural fibers, windfalls, weed burden, water , fire, time

Shipping & Returns

Shipping in United States:
USPS priority mail , insured with tracking
~ Items are shipped to address listed on buyers checkout, If your shipping address is different than your payment billing please make adjustments prior to finalizing purchase. I can ship to a different address however I must be notified during purchase checkout.
~items are shipped within 48 hours of purchase. Custom orders are dependent on terms of agreement made at time of purchase.

not accepting INTERNATIONAL ORDERS at this time


specified in listing

Care Instructions

~each purchase includes copy of instructions, an artisan soap sample with pouch. ~
For garments printed with leaves, the first 2-3 WASHINGS are very important and should be done with as much care as possible. While I have taken extra steps to fix the prints, some of the natural pigment may still wash off during the first 1-2 washings. It is unlikely that any residual natural pigment will stain another garment however it is advisable that you wash your garment by itself during the first 2 washings.

Over exposure to direct sunlight and harsh detergents
will shift natural pigments.
Do not use bleach or enzyme detergents or dry clean.
It is suggested to use artisan soap , mild shampoo or soap nuts

I suggest the Artisan Soap Mini Pouch In the Sink Washing Method:
~each purchase includes an artisan soap sample with pouch. ~
*Use the artisan soap while INSIDE pouch to assure concentrated
cleaning agents do not come in direct contact with fabric surfaces.
*To prepare wash water, wet soap pouch while rubbing between palms to generate suds, swish palms and sudsy pouch in wash water until cloudy. Soap pouch can also be used like a tea bag either steeping in wash water or hanging under running water.
*Fold garment in half and half again
* Immerse folded garment in wash water, continue immersing in and then pulling up out of water with up and down motion. 3 to 5 minutes.
*Drain soap water. Refill sink with clear rinse water.
*Repeat immersion action in Rinse water 3-5 minutes.
*Gently wring out cotton fabrics. silk and wool fabrics blot between two towels. I often run cotton garments through a gentle machine spin cycle then hang to dry
*Hang or lay flat to dry.

If using machine wash, method ~Turn garment inside out. ~
Cold wash on a delicate cycle with shampoo , remove promptly, Hang dry is preferred, iron if desired.

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  • artistic overlay presentation of refashioned garment on dress form in studio with forest image transparent overlay. Ecologi logo combined with Half Street Studio logo..